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Allan Elgar has not, and will not accept campaign donations from developers, numbered companies or self-interest groups.  Allan's only political ambition is to represent his constituents.

Saw-whet Owl spotted March 19, 2014

Re-Elect Allan Elgar
Ward 4 Town and Regional Councillor

Protecting Our Future

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Election 2014:  A Message from Councillor Elgar

The Election campaign is on. As the Ward 4 Town and Regional Councillor for the last 14 years, I have worked hard to serve my ward and the community as a whole. I am proud of my accomplishments, but there is still much to do. There are many issues facing our community (eg. possible development of Saw-whet and Deerfield Golf Courses) and I feel I have the experience, passion and knowledge to make a positive difference.  I hope I have your vote to continue important work on your behalf.

There are several ways you can help in the campaign:

  1. Take a lawn sign – this is an easy and very effective way to make a difference- just email me your address ( If you don’t live in ward 4 perhaps you could contact friends and family who live in Ward 4 and ask them if they will take a sign.
  2. Make a donation to help pay expenses for signs and campaign literature. I have never accepted donations from developers, numbered companies or self interest groups but a donation from a private individual is appreciated. The Town offers a rebate program for donations – find out more at rebates Give me a call or email if you want to donate or have questions about the rebate.
  3. Volunteer for my campaign – e.g. knock on doors, make phone calls, help with signs. Again, call or email if you want to help.
  4. Vote for Allan Elgar on October 27, or at an advanced poll (dates and locations at

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about me, my accomplishments and the issues that face our community. Please spread the word by encouraging your friends and neighbours to do likewise. I plan to update my website often, so please check back frequently.

Warm Regards,

Allan Elgar,


Official Election Results 2010 -  for Ward 4 Regional and Town Councillor position


Merton Planning Study

Sept. 3 2014:  Province withdraws development application for a portion of Merton lands

Email from Infrastructure Ontario to Mayor Burton June 4 2014 confirming the Province's commitment to save Merton lands from development

Letter From Minister of Infrastructure April 29 2014

March 26 Oakville News- Merton Lands Need Not be rezoned
News Release from Councillor Elgar March 12 2014

Merton Lands Under Threat
Photo Essay of What Could be Lost (by Lisa Kirton)

-March 7 2014 Merton Planning Study
-Feb 26 2014 Regional request to Province re: Greenbelt
-Feb 14 2014 Letter MPP Flynn to Minister Murray

-Feb10 2014-Growing the Greenbelt by Julia Le
-Motion endorsed by Oakville Council

-Map of land to be included in expansion of Greenbelt
-Merton Planning Study includes approx 234 gross hectares  including Saw Whet Golf Course, Deerfield Golf Course and various other properties as detailed in the staff reports


Ward 4 Development and Site Plan Applications


Tree Stories

Citizens Survey


Allan's Brochure 2014

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Campaign donation rebate program

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